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Annual Builder's Break | Public Holidays
Builder's Break | Public Holidays
Annual Construction Industry Shutdown [Builder's Break]
The 2016 recommended Annual Construction Industry Shutdown period is 15 December 2016 (last working day) to 09 January 2017 (return to work). Please note that these dates should be taken as a guide only, and that client needs and operational requirements should be taken into account based on pre-arrangements in this regard.

SAFCEC publishes these dates purely as a service to members. SAFCEC itself does not determine these dates. As such, no person should use these dates as contractual dates for purposes of tendering, or determining entitlement in terms of any contractual claims. Each and every contract should spell out "Non-Working Days" in the "Contract Data" and those days should be used in connection with contractual issues.

In determining number of leave days and leave pay to be paid over the "break", members should refer to the Sectoral Determination for details. In addition some members of staff / labour force are entitled to 15 days leave annually whilst the December break is only on average 10 days. The Sectorial Determination states that persons entitled to 15 days normally take 10 days during the December break and the balance of the days as agreed between the employer and employee, so some staff / labour force might actually take more days over the break. Members and Consultants using these pages must take note of this fact and not use the 10 days shown blindly for whatever purposes.

Please contact the offices of the BCCEI on +2711 450 4966/63 or should you require further guidance.
Note: -

On 19 September, 2016 President Jacob Zuma declared 27 December, 2016 a public holiday throughout the Republic of South Africa, in terms of section 2A of the Public Holidays Act, thereby increasing the number of paid public holidays.

The recommended shutdown period remains as is. Employees will therefore take 12 leave days instead of 13 leave days.

For further information or clarification, contact: -

Pheli Mbambo, Executive: Human Resources, or
Frikkie Oosthuizen, Executive: Contractual Affairs

Public Holidays 2016 | 2017
South Africa’s Public Holiday Act established in 1994 regulates the country’s paid public holidays.
The Act determines that when any public holiday falls on a Sunday, the Monday following on it shall be a public holiday.
The dates on which Good Friday and Easter Sunday fall are determined according to the ecclesiastical moon. That varies each year but they fall at some point between late March and late April.

UPDATE: Wednesday, 03 August declared a public holiday for South Africans to exercise their right to vote at the local government elections.

UPDATE: Tuesday, 27 December 2016 declared a public holiday following a request by the Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA). The request by FEDUSA was motivated by the fact this year workers in the country will only have 11 public holidays instead of 12 due to fact that the 25th of December (Christmas Day) falls on a Sunday.
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Public Holidays Act
Declaration 3 Aug '16 as Public Holiday
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Date Day Holiday
01 Jan Fri New Year's Day
21 Mar Mon Human Rights Day
25 Mar Fri Good Friday
28 Mar Mon Family Day
27 Apr Wed Freedom Day
01 May Sun Worker's Day
02 May Mon Public Holiday
16 Jun Thu Youth Day
03 Aug Wed Public Holiday
09 Aug Tue National Women's Day
24 Sep Sat Heritage Day
16 Dec Fri Day of Reconciliation
25 Dec Sun Christmas Day
26 Dec Mon Day of Goodwill
27 Dec Tue Public Holiday

Date Day Holiday
01 Jan Sun New Year's Day
02 Jan Mon Public Holiday
21 Mar Tue Human Rights Day
14 Apr Fri Good Friday
17 Apr Mon Family Day
27 Apr Thu Freedom Day
01 May Mon Worker's Day
16 Jun Fri Youth Day
09 Aug Wed National Women's Day
24 Sep Sun Heritage Day
25 Sep Mon Public Holiday
16 Dec Sat Day of Reconciliation
25 Dec Mon Christmas Day
26 Dec Tue Day of Goodwill


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